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One of the axions of most artists and designer is that we are terrible at self promotion. This comes from two primary angles, that we are generally introverts and self promotion is kind of antithetical to our being. The other thing that holds a lot of creatives back is that, we are too busy creating / working on client's projects.: that whole need to make money and eat thing..... Usually there has to be some catalyst to force the issue and so, here we are. Next weekend, December 2 – 3, I am participating in the ArtJones Studio Tour. It is a tour of artists studios through Gulfport. I, introvert par excellence, am opening my studio / my home to the public —eeks. It has been a fabulous excuse to get projects done that I have been putting off...and here we are. I took a different approach to structuring my site. Normally you will see artists sites that break their work down into different categories so that viewers/potential clients can review a focused body of work. I have been doing this for more than 30 years; I have produced a lot of work and that work is so varied that to break it out into categories would mean having a very long and complicated menu system. My approach to handling this was to break my work into Current, Past and, Student work. This allows clients & patrons to see a representation of the work that is relevant now and where I have come from in terms of creative development. Having taught History of Design for the majority of the years that I was a college professor, I adamantly believe that you can't understand the meaning or merits of a work unless viewed in context. For example, Kazimir Malevich, one of the great Russian Suprematist artists, most famous for his Black Square painting (1) always infuriates those who don't understand it's historical context. Lastly, because many of my clients that come to me for privet instruction or creative mentorship, are looking to see what I can do, what to see foundations and early student work so that they have an idea of the level of work that they to can produce.. I have included a sampling of work that my amazing students created over the years and going through my archives for this site, I was amazed and so proud of the work my students have created; many of whom have spread around the globe and gone on to careers as professional artist, photographers and designers. I have boxes of student work that I have collected over the years that still needs to be documented. As new works are digitized, I will add them to the gallery. If you recognize any of the work, let me know so that I can post your name with the piece. Now I am off to visit my best friend, Home Depot, to get suplies for an afternoon of framing prints. If you are free next weekend, ....and are looking to give Art this holliday season, come stop by and say hello. -d

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